Taking a look back at our past sessions


Winter 2018 Clinics



Kids Impacted


Canned Goods Raised For The Hawaii Food Bank


We took a step towards being game changers in our community through our work with the Hawaii Foodbank during our Winter Clinics. Instead of charging for our services, we had a suggested donation of one canned good per clinic that would be donated to the Hawaii Foodbank to help them out during the holiday season.


Life Lessons

Go All Out  

We encourage our players to give their 100% in everything that they do. On the court, that means hustling and giving maximum effort on every rep. Off the court, that means striving to be the best that they can as a student, son/daughter, and member of their community.


Regardless of the outcome or struggles that they face, we challenge our players to never give up. Perseverance is a trait that will not only help them better their skills and win ball games, but elevate their mindset and productivity in the real world.

Don't Be Afraid

Coaches included, we all fail at times. The best and most successful people, however, learn from their mistakes and aren't afraid to try new things. We encourage our players to boldly take the first step, even if it means they're the only one.


Summer 2017 Clinics



First Clinic Turnout - June 27, 2017



Last Clinic Turnout - July 25, 2017


Originating from a love for the game of basketball and a passion for community outreach, we started off in June of 2017 with two participants at Pukele Mini Park. Through word of mouth, news coverage, and other news outlets, we grew to be able to impact 18 kids at our last clinic in July.


Life Lessons

Don't be afraid to start somewhere

We encouraged each player to be bold in trying new things, even when they were struggling. We applied this in trying other hobbies, activities, and classes to gain new experiences.

Staying consistent and persistent

Great players are consistent workers that push through the trials in which they face everyday. We applied this in their school work in terms of consistently showing up to class, completing homework, and getting help in order to persist through difficult concepts.