The Vision


Statistics show that our youth could use an extra push



Go To College

The Hawaii State Department of Education (2017) reported that a mere 55% of our youth went to college.




Obesity Rate

The State of Obesity Organization (2016) reported that roughly 1 in 4 of Hawaii youth ages 10-17 were overweight or obese, ranking 7th worst in the nation



Poverty Rate

Hawaii News Now (2016) reported that 15.1% of Hawaii residents are living in poverty,  holding the ninth highest rate in the nation


We aspire to combat these trials and heighten the motivation of our youth mentally and physically through these 3 components


Game Changers

We strive to be game changers in our community through both philanthropy and service. We believe that the game of basketball can be used to unite and empower our youth and strive for them to in turn inspire and empower others.


Off-Court Excellence

Our coaches have a combined 3.72 GPA, and hold a similar level of motivation and drive in our off-court endeavors as we do on the hardwood. We understand the importance of the lessons learned from sports, and vocally identify them during our clinics.


On-Court Excellence

Between club, school, and recreation league competitions, our coaches have won a combined 29 championships. Through high intensity and highly detailed skill development, we know what it takes to compete at the highest level.


Ball Out

Definition: To compete or perform at a high level

Used as a slang term by many basketball players, the standard of excellence that it takes to compete at a high level and "Ball Out" is something that we try to instill in all aspects of life. Both on and off the court, we want to inspire the next generation to be the best that they can as a player, student, son/daughter, and member of their community.